In Jan.,2016,  Jiyang  Petrochemical  Group  merged  Changzhou  Huateng  Oil  Co., Ltd.  which  was  founded in 2000, now  the  company  name   has   been   changed   to (Jiyang   Petrochemical  Group  Changzhou Transformer Oil Co., Ltd). 

     Jiyang Petrochemical Group Changzhou Transformer Oil Co., Ltd is located in Dongan town, Wujiang Dist., Changzhou city, Jiangsu province. The company has a fixed assets of 80  million  Yuan,  covers  an area of 70 acres, annual sales capacity of 40 thousand tons of  naphthenic  transformer oil, is  the  most capable company in supplying transformer oil in china. The company  is  equipped  with  railway   line,  oil specialized wharf,  and  has  15,000  cubic  meters  of  storage  tanks. The company has  developed  a well-organized network to sell Karamay transformer oil and especially serves for all large transformer manufacturers  with  depending  on  technical  progress,  focusing  on  high-end  products ,  on-site  oil  conditional monitoring service. 

Address: Group 10, Jiangnian Village, Wujin Huangli town, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province.

Tel: 0519-83737378

Fax: 0519-83731342